Vick: I'm a top 10 QB

The Michael Vick P.R. machine has lurched into motion as he prepares to launch a reality TV show and perhaps land a starting gig in the NFL. Appearing on the Dan Patrick radio show Monday, Vick showed gratitude to the Eagles for giving him a second chance but made it clear that he's ready to take snaps on a full-time basis. Patrick asked Vick where he ranked himself among the current quarterbacks in the league.

"I still feel like I'm among the top 10, to be honest," Vick told Patrick. "I'm confident in my skills."

The Eagles have a $5 million team option on Vick for 2010 and they'll probably have to make a decision on his future by March. 5. The Philadelphia Daily News has reported that coach Andy Reid informed Vick he'll be traded, but the team has denied that's true. Here's what McNabb said about the prospect of returning to the Eagles:

"It would be a tough decision to make," he said. "I would really have to take a lot of things into consideration, the fact that I want to be a starter and the fact that I'm blessed just to be back playing football. If I had to [be a backup], I would. If another opportunity presented itself, then it would be even better.

"I would really have to think about it. But for the most part, I like the coaching staff. I like the people around here, within the organization. Maybe I would do it. Who knows? I'm still kinda young. It may work out."

As I've said before, the Eagles are hoping to land a third-round pick for Vick but it wouldn't surprise me if they settled for a fourth-rounder. It's hard to imagine them exercising the $5 million option for another year of Wildcat duties.