The plot thickens with Vick

In the great Philadelphia Eagles quarterback debate, the one thing most of us have essentially taken for granted is that Michael Vick won't be on the roster in 2010. The Eagles hold a $5.25 million team option on Vick for 2010, but it's hard to imagine committing that type of cash to a Wildcat quarterback/local humanitarian.

Vick has been pretty clear about his desire to start in the NFL next season, so it's not like he's clamoring for another opportunity to serve as Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb's backup. In fact, he told the Dan Patrick radio show Monday that he considered himself a "top 10" quarterback in the league.

But on Tuesday, the ubiquitous former scout Michael Lombardi said on NFL Network that the Eagles would like for Vick to return in 2010 and that they've already started to expand his role in the offense.

"They have no intention this offseason of trading Michael Vick," said Lombardi. "Many people around the league feel like that's a lot of false bravado, [and] they're going to release him, because he has a [$1.5 million] roster bonus due in March. Not the case."

This of course flies in the face of previous reports out of Philly that Andy Reid has already informed Vick the club plans to trade him. No matter what the organization is saying, it's hard to imagine the Eagles paying $5.25 million to a role player. And even with an expanded role (six to 10 plays per game), I don't see Vick making some huge impact in 2010. Reid has a hard enough time remembering to mix in an occasional running play. Trying to allot 10 plays per game to the Vick project seems like too much to ask.

The Eagles simply need a team such as the Rams to get overly excited about Vick's potential and give up a decent draft pick. I've never for one minute thought the Eagles were going to bring Vick back in 2010 -- and that thought hasn't changed.

Vick was apparently the consummate teammate in his return to the league. But we're talking about a former superstar who appears to have some tread left on his tires. Do you think he's going to embrace being a backup in 2010 as well as he did in '09? Yeah, I don't either.