Westbrook wants McNabb back in Philly

Eagles running back Brian Westbrook broke his postseason silence during an appearance on WGFX radio in Nashville, Tenn., with his former teammate Blaine Bishop. Westbrook opened up about his two concussions last season and talked about quarterback Donovan McNabb. Thanks to Jimmy Shapiro of sportsradiointerviews.com for giving us a heads up on Westbrook's interview. Bishop asked Westbrook whether he thinks McNabb will be on the Eagles' roster in 2010.

"I think there is no question in my mind if Donovan will be back," said Westbrook. "After what he was able to do last year, which he had a very good year of course. Everybody measures, a lot of fans measure by Super Bowls. Did you win the Super Bowl and you know? Realistically, there is only going to be one team out of 32 to win the Super Bowl every year and it is hard to do that. I don’t think that you can measure whether a quarterback can be successful or not whether he won a Super Bowl or not. If you look at this football team with Donovan and without Donovan I think you would be hard-pressed to say that there was a better quarterback in the league than Donovan McNabb for the Philadelphia Eagles."

It's important to note that Westbrook and McNabb haven't always been the closest of pals. It wasn't long ago that Westbrook was the best player on offense and he gave the Eagles the best chance to win because of his rare combination of receiving and rushing talents. The two men have completely different personalities. Westbrook is sort of a brooding guy who doesn't let many people into his inner circle. McNabb's a lot more outgoing and he's made a lot of friends across the league. But I do think there's a mutual respect between the two Eagles, and Westbrook would hate to see the McNabb era end.

"Donovan, he brings that added layer, added attractiveness to the game that he could take a play that is not doing nothing and turning it into something," said Westbrook. "As a player, you are always ready for that and you are always willing to want a quarterback that can do that because it changes everything. It changes your whole game plan. It changes everything around. It changes defenses that you actually face. As a teammate of his and a player that has seen him doing so many great things on the football field, it would be hard-pressed for me to find somebody better than Donovan McNabb to play quarterback for us."

Of course, now we need to figure out if Westbrook's going to be on the Eagles' roster in 2010. He's been one of the best players in franchise history, but there's no guarantee that he's able to return to his Pro Bowl form after numerous injuries, the most significant being the concussions. You'll recall that WIP radio's Howard Eskin reported recently that Westbrook's career is likely over because he wouldn't be able to pass a physical for another team.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.