The gap between Philly and Dallas

I'll have a lot more on this Thursday, but Eagles president Joe Banner sat down with the club's Web site reporter recently and talked about the 2009 season. Banner said he doesn't think the gap between the Cowboys and Eagles is as significant as the final two games of the season seemed to indicate, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

"The truth is, when you lose that solidly, and Andy [Reid] says this and people think he’s not really giving them a lot of information, but I think this says everything, they must have beat you in a lot of different phases," Banner told the club's Web site. "Whether they are talking about the caliber of play, the scheme they used, who showed up that day or how healthy they stayed or all of the above. When you lose 20-17, it could have been the bounce of the ball or somebody having a good day that day. When you lose that soundly twice in the span of six days, then you have to look at all of the aspects that go into the game and objectively evaluate what areas you need to upgrade to be able to change the outcome of the game … I don’t think the difference is as dramatic as one may think just looking at the scores of those two games, but there is a gap there. We have to figure out how to close that gap and be ready to go next year."

In watching those games, I think the gap was even more dramatic than the scores indicated. If Banner and the Eagles think it will only take a tweak or two, I think they're kidding themselves. And by the way, Sal Paolantonio and I are teaming up on an ESPN.com Eagles package today. Continue refreshing your screens every 10 minutes or so throughout the day to view the package.

If you'd like to view the Banner video, click here and then select No. 6 on the Eagles' Web site.