If only we could read Jerry's mind

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
PHILADELPHIA -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has insisted over the past couple of weeks that his coaching staff is safe no matter how the season ends. That will be put to the test following Sunday's debacle in Philly. How can anyone defend what happened here today?

The Eagles began the day with a remote shot at making the playoffs. But as the afternoon unfolded, everything went their way. By the time kickoff arrived, the Eagles and their fans had been whipped into a frenzy. The Cowboys couldn't match their intensity and cratered in their biggest game of the season.

On the sideline a few minutes ago, cameras captured Tank Johnson shouting at his teammates. Quarterback Tony Romo has had a dreadful night and the "can't win the big one" tag will follow him into the 2009 season. But at least his job is safe.

After Sunday's embarrassing loss, you have to take a long look at Wade Phillips' and Jason Garrett's job security. Jones hates admitting mistakes, but in the aftermath of one of the most disappointing finishes in club history, he almost has to make a change. And don't forget that the Cowboys will christen his new $1.3 billion stadium next season. This is the worst possible scenario for Jones. I can't imagine him staying with the status quo, although I don't expect him to start firing guys immediately.

Stay tuned.