Skins will not be men in black

In case you missed it, there were rumors swirling that Redskins general manager Bruce Allen and coach Mike Shanahan had tinkered with the idea of making changes to the club's burgundy and gold uniforms. The hottest rumor was that the color black would play a prominent role in the new look.

But as Dan Steinberg of the Post points out, Allen has ruled out any significant changes:

"Well, first of all, I'm a traditionalist," Allen told Larry Michael during a recent episode of Redskins Nation. "I'm very proud of the Redskins uniform, and I'm very proud of our helmet. I'm talking to Coach Shanahan about some ideas that we have of utilizing our colors that we're very proud of. But other than that, we're gonna stick to our historic base. I loved when the Redskins had those throwback games over the last few years, whether it's the arrow or the feather or the R. Y'know, just watching it on tape from afar, you're like, Oh, gosh, I remember..."

So it sounds like we'll see more of a throwbacks in 2010, but nothing in the way of new color schemes. Redskins fans want to see changes on the field, but leave the uniforms alone. And that also goes for the burgundy on burgundy look that appeared in '09. What did you guys think of that look?

Here's that episode of Redskins Nation with Larry Michael, courtesy of Skins blogger Matt Terl.