Grimm sounds off on the Hall

Former Redskins guard Russ Grimm talked to XTRA 910 in Phoenix about finally being voted into the Hall of Fame. He talked about the infamous hot dog story and his devotion to offensive line coach Joe Bugel, who recently retired.

"There was never any doubt as to who was going to present me or introduce me in Canton," said Grimm. "The guy is, he’s a friend, he’s a father figure, I’m not afraid to say it..I look at him all the time and say I love you. I mean, what he did for me -- I hated him some days. He pushed you to the point where sometimes you were ready to snap on him, but in the long run he built that group into what it was and I got a lot of respect for the man. He’s not only a great person, he’s a great coach and he said he’s going to retire now from the NFL. And I said there’s one more thing you got to do. When I got selected I said ‘you got to present me in Canton.’ So he was excited about it, and I’m excited for him. And I’m excited for myself."

I'm wondering if being inducted into the Hall of Fame will give Grimm a better shot at becoming a head coach in the league. He seemed to be on that path a couple of years ago, but now his name has stopped coming up.