McNabb to the Panthers?

As we continue to monitor the Donovan McNabb situation in Philly, here's an interesting thought from NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas. Pat thinks there's a chance the Panthers could place the franchise tag on Julius Peppers and then trade him for McNabb. Here's what he wrote in a recent mailbag:

"Despite all the rumors about McNabb, I’m not sure the Eagles will really part ways with him. The guy’s had an incredible career, far better than a lot of Philadelphia fans give him credit for. If the Panthers tag Peppers and the Eagles made McNabb available in a trade, I think that’s something the Panthers would have to consider. But it’s sounding more and more like the Panthers just might let Peppers walk. If that happens, I don’t know that will instantly free up $20 million. I think the Panthers, like a lot of teams, are going to be conservative this year because of the labor situation. Still, somehow, I’d like to see them get a quality quarterback. I think Matt Moore is an option, but he certainly isn’t a sure thing. John Fox needs a sure thing at quarterback."

Would McNabb be excited about the prospect of playing in Charlotte, N.C., for John Fox? Well, I think he'd list the Cardinals and the Vikings ahead of the Panthers on his potential wish list. But this thing isn't even close to being resolved right now.