Skins' Kelly sits down with Shanahan

Redskins wide receiver Malcolm Kelly may have fallen out of favor with the Jim Zorn regime, but he's apparently back in the mix with the Mike Shanahan group. Kelly stopped by Redskins Park to visit with Shanahan recently and then he spoke with Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

Apparently Shanahan wants to set up some isolation routes for Kelly and take advantage of his size. And it makes sense that the Skins would finally try to use the 6-4, 227-pound Kelly in the red zone. Here's what the former Oklahoma wide receiver said about his visit with the Skins' head coach:

"We're talking, and Coach Shanahan asked me if I had seen any film on how his son ran that offense down there," Kelly said. "I told him that as it just so happens, I have all of Andre Johnson's cut-ups from this past season. I just watched Andre Johnson to watch how he would work during the season.

"He told me he wants to put me on those types of situations where I can take advantage of my size. And then he just started talking about my hands. He said, 'We're going to find ways to get you the ball.' He told me he's going to find ways to show specifically what I can do.

"That was something I haven't even heard before in my two years here. And it was coming from a guy who I know has gone out and won championships, and a guy who has had playmakers at every position. That's one thing that he knows how to do -- he finds ways to get his playmakers the ball. Looking at our talent level, he said he's going to be able to use all the young guys. It was real encouraging."

Kelly also knows that Shanahan could end up selecting former Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford in April's draft. It wouldn't surprise me if the coach picked Kelly's brain about Bradford. But that's a delicate situation. First, you don't want to tip off other teams of your plans. And there's also the fact that Kelly looks up to current starter Jason Campbell. He doesn't want to come off as he's rooting for the Bradford pick.

I'll have an opportunity to visit with Bradford at the combine in Indianapolis next week. If you have any questions for Bradford or Shanahan, let me hear from you in the comments section.