Andy Reid hoping to make most of second chance

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer, Phil Sheridan takes a look at the man who's led the Eagles for a decade. Reid seems to have a deep appreciation for the organization's rabid fan base, but as Phil points out, he's never really let the city get to know him. Win or lose, Reid usually reacts the same way. And when you're winning, it doesn't matter. But when things went wrong after the T.O. affair, everyone yearned for more emotion from Reid. Even a slight change of facial expression would've done.

That's why I was a little caught off guard to see how engaging Reid could be in a one-on-one interview during training camp. He laughed easily and told stories about his friendship with Bill Parcells. Publicly, Reid has worn us down with phrases such as "I've got to put us in better positions."

I thought about some of that Monday while listening to Wade Phillips say that he was willing to change his personality. What a farce it was to hear a man say he was willing to change after more than 30 years of doing things a certain way. In some ways, it made me appreciate guys like Reid a little more. He's taken a lot of criticism this season for his benching of Donovan McNabb and then the inexplicable loss to the Redskins.

But given the opportunity to stick it to the media in the aftermath of Sunday's blowout win over the Cowboys, Reid kept a poker face. There's something to be said for sticking to your guns -- and that's what Reid's done for the past 10 years.