Happy birthday, Keith Davis!

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

My former colleague Jean-Jacques Taylor made it back from Philadelphia in time to attend Cowboys safety Keith Davis' holiday birthday bash Monday night at the Ghostbar in downtown Dallas. Much like this former ESPN anchor, Taylor worked the "red carpet" at Davis' party, landing exclusives with Patrick Crayton, Deon Anderson, Bradie "Sandwich Board" James and Nick Folk.

It's nice to see that the Cowboys aren't taking Sunday's 44-6 loss too hard. You'd hate to see something like that affect their offseason. We'll keep you updated if any more parties for special teamers break out in the area.

Also make sure you observe the smile on Anderson's face when Taylor informs him of Wade Phillips' announcement that he's no longer Mr. Nice Guy. Patrick Crayton, not normally known for his tact during interviews, hops in to say that he's glad Phillips is changing his approach and hopes it leads to fewer penalties.