Giants hire another Gilbride

The New York Giants announced the hiring of 30-year-old Kevin Gilbride Jr. as an offensive quality control coach Monday. He's the son of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and he'll replace Sean Ryan, who was recently elevated to receivers coach.

So what does an offensive quality control coach do? Basically, all the tasks that the other assistants don't have time to get to. But in breaking down the tape of opponents and trying to pick up on tendencies, the quality control coach can make an important impact. Gilbride Jr. should look forward to a lot of 17-hour days working under Tom Coughlin. The Giants head coach is a Bill Parcells disciple, which means he likes for folks to know that he arrives at the office well before 6 a.m. on a regular basis. Here's what Gilbride Sr. said about adding his son to the Giants' staff.

"In terms of getting into coaching, my wife and I did everything we could to discourage, not encourage, because we know it’s a challenging life and there are a lot of potential pitfalls," Gilbride Sr. said. "He was adamant that he wanted to get into it and he’s been very fortunate. He made a decision he wanted to try pro football. And again our efforts to discourage were met with non-compliance. He was fortunate enough to get the interview with Tom, and Tom was impressed enough with his knowledge of the computer and the things that he’ll have to do in the quality control position to bring him on board."

So it sounds like Gilbride Jr.'s decision to disobey his parents continues to open doors. But actually, it doesn't look like the son has taken a lot of shortcuts. And with the way the NFL works, it's not like having an offensive coordinator for a father offers a ton of job security.

I'm hoping to catch up with Gilbride Sr. at the combine Thursday or Friday and ask him about the running back situation. Maybe I'll start him off with some questions about Junior.