Exclusive Beast chat transcript

For those of you who were unable to plan your lunch around our weekly Tuesday chat, here's the entire transcript. And here's a glimpse of some of the dialogue that took place:

Phillip in Dallas: Aside from what all the Beast teams are gonna be doing, which players are YOU excited about seeing at the combine, and where do you think they will go in the draft? Thanks Mosley!

Mosley: I'm looking forward to Colt McCoy's throwing session -- especially when you consider how his season ended. Anxious to see how [Taylor] Mays and [Nate] Allen look at safety. And I'm told [Eric] Berry is a physical freak, so that will be enjoyable to watch. I'll also be looking for some of the under-the-radar guys. I've always enjoyed getting to know the Donnie Avery's of the world at the combine. No one thought that much of the University of Houston product a couple years ago, but then he was the first wide receiver taken in the draft. Pretty cool. I really like the combine. You'll hear other reporters grumbling about the cattle call, but I think it's an excellent opportunity to gather information for the offseason.

Programming note: The Beast chat begins "promptly" at noon ET every Tuesday -- unless I'm on vacation. And one more note: I just finished watching some '07 highlights of Nate Allen against West Virginia. I'd take him based on that one game alone. And now you know why I'm not an NFL scout.