Giants attempting to overcome Super Bowl title

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Is anyone else already tired of the Giants' chip-on-their-shoulder storyline? I've never understood why otherwise logical human beings have to manufacture slights in order to become motivated. If a kid who once had first-round value slips into the sixth round (Andre Woodson), then it's OK to talk about proving the doubters wrong.

But the fact that highly intelligent men like linebacker Antonio Pierce and center Shaun O'Hara are actually motivated by the ESPN.com power rankings is baffling to me. Gentlemen, you won a Super Bowl in spectacular fashion. Why in the world would you be concerned what bloggers think of your chances in 2008?

All that to say .... Keep Reading!

Now, let's take a look at what they're saying about those underdog New York Giants. I noticed two more stories about the "disrespected" champs over the weekend, but I skipped over those for today's serving of headlines:

  • Here's a nice story in the New York Times about cornerback Aaron Ross and his girlfriend, Sanya Richards, a favorite to win gold in the 400-meter in the upcoming Olympics in Bejing. Ross and I have exchanged voice messages recently regarding this topic, but I hope to sit down and visit with him on the day Richards is competing in the final. I think it's actually Tuesday already in Bejing, but I'm not certain of that.

  • Apparently all the New York writers conspired to write this story over the weekend. Here's Ralph Vacchiano's take.

  • Veteran Danny Clark appears to be leaving Gerris Wilkinson behind in the battle for starting weak side linebacker. I watched Wilkinson in the Giants-Patriots regular-season finale last season and thought he was pretty impressive. But the former Georgia Tech player has never been able to stay on the field because of injury.

  • Defensive end Dave Tollefson will play in a preseason game Thursday and become a father the next day. He's one of the few guys who turned a Home Depot gig into a Super Bowl ring.