The topic McNabb wants to avoid

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

It's inevitable that Donovan McNabb will continue to be asked about his November benching against the Ravens, but that doesn't mean he has to answer the question. McNabb has said several times since that game that he still doesn't agree with the move. Here's what he had to say on the topic during Wednesday's news conference:

On what his range of emotions has been since the game at Baltimore:

Donovan McNabb: No range of emotions. I'm happy.

On whether he was happy after he was benched at Baltimore:

DM: I was happy then and I'm happy now.

Then reporters moved on to talking about Vikings defensive end Jared Allen. Honestly, I don't blame McNabb for not revisiting the story line. Yes, it was a turning point in the season, but what good does it do him to keep talking about it? The benching bruised his ego and it will be a long time before he's able to completely put it behind him. But for this playoff run, he has to focus on the task at hand.