Which Eagles team will show up?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

For some reason, I'm almost certain the Eagles will beat the Vikings on Sunday. But it's more of a gut feeling than something I've actually reasoned out.

Maybe it's the fact that I've seen Tarvaris Jackson make mind-numbing throws at the worst-possible moments. Or the fact that the Eagles have been almost impossible to run against over the past six games. Anyway, there's at least one expert who's going with the Vikings:

"What if the Vikings come out pounding the run with [Adrian] Peterson and Chester Taylor, take the ball out of Tarvaris' hands except for the occasional play-action or designed rollout, jump out to an early lead, get their Dome crowd going, throttle Philly's finesse running game with their vaunted rush defense (you have to admit, that's a nice matchup for them), get their crowd going (and more importantly, the Dome noise going), avoid a special-teams mistake, then rely on Philly's offense to do what it does best on the road: Struggle in short yardage, call needless timeouts, look lethargic, make dumb turnovers, panic and leave their fans punching walls and closing down bars," writes Bill Simmons in one of the longest sentences in recent memory. "When you think about it, isn't this PRECISELY the type of game that the Eagles have routinely squandered during the McNabb/Reid Era?"

Well, he has a point. But I still think the Eagles win. Jackson's a friend of the Beast (FOB), but Jim Johnson will force him into making at least one terrible decision with the football. If quarterbacks were rewarded for who throws it the hardest, Jackson would be headed to the Pro Bowl. He scares me. He scares Brad Childress. He scares his own wide receivers when he leads them across the middle like I used to lead Vesko Rajovic on the fields behind Phillips Elementary.