Redskins' Shanahan: We're keeping Campbell

INDIANAPOLIS -- Redskins coach Mike Shanahan told reporters Friday that he expects quarterback Jason Campbell to return in 2010. He said Campbell will be tendered an offer next week, although he declined to reveal what that tender might be. The Redskins are expected to offer Campbell the highest tender, which would be roughly $3.2 million and would require first- and third-round compensation from another team.

Shanahan said he had "admiration" for Campbell based on the adversity he faced during the 2009 season, but he didn't want to add anything too specific about the 2010 season. He simply said that Campbell will "be here" for the upcoming season. I wouldn't expect Campbell to rush into Redskins Park and sign that tender in the near future. If the Redskins don't offer Campbell a contract extension, they're basically already treating him like a backup quarterback.

Shanahan said the Redskins will hold a minicamp before the draft in April. At this point, it would not surprise me if Campbell was absent from that minicamp. He has always put the team first, but at some point you have to look out for No. 1 -- or No. 17 in this case.

In other news, Shanahan didn't want to talk about the status of running back Clinton Portis.

"Let's not talk about Clinton," said Shanahan. "Let's talk about the whole team."

I'll be back with a Redskins column later this afternoon, but right now I'm preparing to visit with Giants coach Tom Coughlin. Since he's the most punctual head coach in league history, I better head over there pretty quickly.