Where does Portis stand with Skins?

INDIANAPOLIS -- A lot of folks are focused on the Washingon Redskins' quarterback situation, but there's also some intrigue at running back. On Friday, coach Mike Shanahan did not want to discuss Clinton Portis' future with the club but he's made it clear that he needs to see a committment from all his players in the offseason program. As some of you know, Portis' offseason "workouts" have often taken place in South Florida.

"Let's not talk about Clinton," Shanahan said when asked about Portis' offseason plans. "Let's talk about everybody on the Washington Redskins. Let's not focus on one guy. I want everybody to be as good a football player as they can be. I want all the guys on our football team to make a commitment in the offseason to work, and work extremely hard. That's how we're gonna get better as a team ... It's very important to show your teammates exactly how hard you work and how dedicated you are to the program."

After Shanahan left the podium Friday, I asked him about any potential interest in former Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson. Shanahan didn't say anything definitive, but he indicated that he and Tomlinson are close friends who stay in contact. I wouldn't be shocked to see Tomlinson end up on the Redskins' roster.