Childress worried about Reid's health?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
Does it strike anyone else odd that two days before his team was to face the Philadelphia Eagles in a wild-card game, Vikings coach Brad Childress was discussing Andy Reid's obesity?

Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer sat in Childress' office Friday and the two of them discussed, among other things, Reid's labored breathing. I'm sorry to say it, but this league is full of overweight coaches. And to my knowledge, Reid has been overweight since the day he became head coach in 1999. Did Childress think he was breaking new ground? After all, Reid coaches in the same division as the ... umm, big-boned Wade Phillips. And his mentor Mike Holmgren never embraced the no pleats look. Here's what Childress, who appears to be a size 34 at the most, had to offer:

"There are two stand-alone factors in heart disease: smoking and obesity," Childress said the other day, sitting in his office at the Minnesota Vikings' practice facility in suburban Minneapolis. "Forget everything else. Your ticker can be good, blood pressure good, but those are separate drags on the spectrum.

"It's amazing the discipline [Reid has] in every other area, but you've got to bend somehow, I guess, and that's it. I hear him breathing through it. I hear the same thing, and it's scary."

After reading these quotes, President-elect Obama put Childress on his short list for Surgeon General.