Samuel's Pick 6

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
MINNEAPOLIS -- So much for that hip strain that caused Asante Samuel to miss practice Friday and left his status in doubt heading into today's game. Samuel knew exactly where Minnesota quarterback Tarvaris Jackson was going with the ball and jumped the route before returning it for a touchdown -- the fourth of his career in the playoffs.

The Vikings have answered with a long touchdown drive. The big play was of course the pass across the middle to Bernard Berrian that bounced off his chest before he took off with it. I thought we were going to have one of those slug-it-out, field position games early, but both teams are making huge plays.

And I have no clue why the Eagles just decided to go deep on third-and-1 with over a minute left. They had a timeout and a real opportunity to go into halftime up, 19-14. Oh my goodness. Brad Childress has outdone himself this time. It looked like he would settle for a 16-14 lead and kneel the ball three straight plays. Instead, he called for a short pass on second down, which was incomplete.

Some of the most baffling decisions I've witnessed all season -- and it's happening in the playoffs.