What would Mr. Mara have thought?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Mike Lupica took a break from his next book to write about how much Wellington Mara would've enjoyed the Giants' success the past two seasons. Co-owner John Mara says last season's title seems like a lifetime ago, and with what's transpired, he has a point.

"To tell you the truth," Mara said, "it actually seems like a long time ago now. It just feels like so much has happened since, not just the regular season. There was the Burress thing, there were all the stadium issues we've had, there was even everything that happened with the economy. After the most amazing Super Bowl, it's been a pretty amazing year."

It's hard to argue with how the Mara and Steve Tisch run this organization. They hire good people and let them do their jobs. In a lot of NFL cities, Tom Coughlin never would've had the opportunity to win that Super Bowl. The organization decided to give Coughlin one more chance, and it's worked out pretty well.