Why did the Giants turn to Sorgi?

Once the New York Giants determined that former Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi's injured shoulder was healing nicely, they signed him to a one-year contract. He seems like the perfect fit because he offers insurance for the Giants while they try to bring along second-year quarterback Rhett Bomar.


SorgiSorgi's probably resigned himself to being a backup in the league, but that's not a bad thing. I don't think you want to bring a high-strung guy like Jeff Garcia into a daily meeting room with the laid-back Eli Manning. Sorgi's served as Peyton Manning's understudy for six seasons, so there are no surprises here. If Peyton didn't have a great opinion of Sorgi, there's no way he'd be with the Giants this afternoon.

My biggest concern would be that Sorgi always seems to get banged up in the preseason, which is pretty much the only time he plays. Obviously, the Giants are hoping they never have to turn to Sorgi during the regular season, and given Eli's ability to play through pain, there's a good chance that will happen.

Giants general manager Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin love creating competition in training camp and I bet they're hoping Bomar and Sorgi feed off each other.