Jerry Jones fired the wrong Jones

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I've known Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for eight years now, so it seemed a bit out of character for him to send Adam "Pacman" Jones packing Wednesday afternoon. He'd treated the troubled player like a son over the past eight months, and it kept him from noticing that Pacman wasn't really accomplishing much on the field. The dangerous return man that we'd heard rumors about never materialized and it was one of his silly penalties that helped lead to the debacle in Philly.

Now we know that it took an ESPN "Outside the Lines" report, which will air Sunday, to finally force the owner's hand. The report will detail allegations stemming from a July 2007 shooting incident. It's too bad it had to come to this. From the start, Pacman was never worth all the fuss. His on-field talent wasn't enough to overcome his prolific off-field behavior.

Randy Galloway, Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist and my daily radio partner on 103.3 ESPN, summed it up pretty well Thursday:

"Still being a tool for the fool, Jerry has no gripe coming, since he's the same guy who ordered Pacman to be reinstated to the roster in December after he had already flunked the first probationary period after a fight with his bodyguard at a Dallas hotel. Six weeks of league suspension, and despite ample knowledge that Pacman had been mocking both him and commissioner Roger Goodell with his off-the-field visitation of banned establishments, and Jerry still allowed the guy to return.

"The original acquisition of Pacman was questionable (do note I agreed with it in print at the time), but there was no reason to bring him back in December, other than the Cowboys have an owner who won't admit a blunder and a head coach who is silly putty in that owner's hands."

So, who's next? Tank Johnson will most likely leave in free agency. I don't see Jones releasing Terrell Owens -- unless John Barr has something else up his sleeve. I'm anxious to hear what you guys think.