Scouts Inc.: NT Kemoeatu a good risk

The good folks at ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. are doing a really compelling offseason series in which they take a deeper look at some of the offseason moves from across the league. On Monday, frequent Beast contributor Matt Williamson talked about what a healthy Maake Kemoeatu could mean to the Redskins' defense in 2010. You need an Insider subscription to read the entire piece, but here's an excerpt:

"Without a guy like Kemoeatu in the equation, [Albert] Haynesworth surely would have gotten the nose tackle job by default. Of course he could excel there, but eating double-teams just doesn't get enough out of what Washington has invested in Haynesworth. Even with the shortage of nose tackles in the league now, Haynesworth is incredibly special, and using his vast skill set in many ways is best for this team."

Williamson also pointed out that Kemoeatu was incredibly effective in the middle of the Panthers' defense in '08 before he ruptured his Achilles' tendon in training camp last season. As you might imagine, the Redskins didn't give Kemoeatu a lot of guaranteed money. But if he's able to take on double-teams like he did with the Panthers, he'll get plenty of money via incentives.

I'm starting to think that Kemoeatu could become one of the most underrated signings in free agency. He and Eagles free safety Marlin Jackson are low-risk, high-reward type signings. Special thanks to Williamson for starting off a new series with a good NFC East angle.