Live from the NFL owners meetings

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Greetings from the NFL owners meetings, which are being held just down the street from Space Mountain. This will be your all-access pass to the annual league gathering. I've lined up a one-on-one interview with Giants general manager Jerry Reese and am hoping for a private audience with new Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

Here's a look at what owners, coaches and general managers will be discussing the next three days. You have to admire men who will sacrifice precious time in the office to be here at the Ritz Carlton.

Labor discussions: I know, I know. You don't want to be bogged down with discussion of a potential lockout, so I'll try to keep this part short. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be updating the owners on where the negotiations are heading and the group will exchange ideas. Prepare yourself for some major rhetoric from some of the owners. I plan on asking Jerry Jones a question or two about the labor negotiations because he's the most likely candidate to say some interesting things.

Let's talk OT: The competition committee has recommended a new provision that would allow a team that loses the coin toss to get a possession if the opposing team makes a field goal on its first drive in overtime. The game would end immediately if the team that receives the ball first scores a touchdown. It's a good idea but I doubt it will have enough votes to pass.

Notable games: The league will announce some of its opening-weekend schedule and perhaps one or two other matchups. It would be nice to know who the Giants are opening their new stadium with. I think the Cowboys and Eagles would be prime candidates. The league sent the Giants to open up Cowboys Stadium last season.

Coaches talk: We'll have an opportunity to visit with all four NFC East coaches at a special breakfast Wednesday morning. I'll table hop in an effort to visit with Mike Shanahan, Tom Coughlin, Andy Reid and Wade Phillips. From my seat at the Ritz, I'm pretty sure I can see Phillips swimming laps right now. Really nice form.