What's on your (NFL) mind?

ORLANDO, Fla. -- While I continue to loiter in a Ritz-Carlton lobby with middle-aged men in search of discounted muffins, let's see what's on your mind. There's a good chance that I'll visit with representatives from all four NFC East teams during my stay.

As we speak, the owners are in a general session during which they'll be able to ask NFL commissioner Roger Goodell questions. Only two representatives per team are allowed to be in the room. For example, Jerry Jones and son Stephen are representing the Cowboys while co-owners Steve Tisch and John Mara are looking out for the Giants. Someone who just left the meeting room told me that Goodell would be briefing the owners on the labor negotiations for the next hour or so.

So while we wait for the owners to make their exit, let's see what's on your mind. If you were allowed to ask either the coaches or owners a question this week, what would it be? Let's stick with the NFC East since that's sort of the point of this blog. Leave your questions in the "comments" section and I'll try to ask a few of them over the next couple days.

Across the hall, ESPN's Tom Rinaldi continues to discuss his exclusive interview with Tiger Woods. Not far away, Adam Schefter will be conducting live hits for the next 72 hours. The man's collection of pin-striped suits is the stuff of legend.

We've spotted Jerry Jones' wife, Gene, several times but the Cowboys owner has kept a low-profile this morning. So far, Arthur Blank wins the award for being the most visible owner. His commitment to the John Waters mustache is pretty impressive.

OK, I have to continue the stakeout for NFC East types.