The Eagles never cracked

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
In writing a column for this afternoon, I tried to identify the exact moment when the Eagles knew they had a shot at going all the way. But the truth is, I'm not sure they were ever looking that far down the road.

Philly Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann writes this team didn't splinter at 5-5-1 because it's not in their make-up. While other teams had players whining to coaches and teammates about their lack of catches, the Eagles stayed together and kept believing that something good could happen.

"It seems simple enough," writes Hofmann. "But there are so many teams at so many levels of athletics -- in every sport -- that cannot police themselves that way. Sportswriters are experts at cultivating malcontents, but it is a grim, unrewarding task in the Eagles' locker room. They have some emotional players, and some who get more disappointed than others, and some who display their feelings more readily than others, and some whose analysis of situations is sharper than others'. But you don't find people bent on divisiveness -- and it does matter."

And by the way, is there one particular player in this league who comes to mind every time you hear the word "divisive?"