Snyder thinks OT proposal will pass

ORLANDO, Fla. -- There is growing momentum at the NFL owners meetings to modify overtime in the playoffs in time for next season. And Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder made the strongest statement yet in that regard.

"I think it will pass," Snyder told me Tuesday before joining general manager Bruce Allen for a late lunch.

The competition committee recommended Monday to the 32 owners that a team losing the coin toss and then surrendering a field goal on the first possession should have a series of its own in overtime. At least 24 owners must vote yes on the proposal for it to be ratified. But the competition committee has a strong ally in commissioner Roger Goodell.

"This stays true to the integrity of the game," Goodell told reporters Monday. "The competition committee has come up with something very much worth considering. It keeps the tradition of sudden death, and I think it is responsive to some of the issues that have been brought up."

On Monday, it sounded like the owners might table the issue and resume talks when they met again in May. But it seems like the tide has turned and the commissioner could call for a vote as soon as Tuesday afternoon. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told me earlier today that he thinks the data in favor of a rule change is too compelling to ignore.

"I have high hopes that it can pass," said Jones. "I feel like it would be a good time to give her a try. Ultimately, this could end up being the rule in the regular-season, too."

I asked Eagles coach Andy Reid what he thought about the proposal, but he said he'd been asked by the league not to discuss the issue. With the commissioner throwing his full support behind the proposed change, I think there's a real chance the league will have a modified overtime approved by Wednesday.

The overtime rule has become one of the biggest stories at the owners meetings, in part because Goodell isn't talking about the collective bargaining agreement. His main message regarding labor negotiations was that it's way too soon to start panicking. He also indicated that the two sides would probably resume discussions in the next couple of weeks.

I'll be back a little later to reveal what I learned from Bruce Allen during our brief discussion today.