Is McNabb already in the Hall of Fame?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

OK, don't take that headline literally. But in listening to "Mike and Mike" this morning, Greenberg thinks that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb should get in the Hall of Fame no matter what happens the rest of his career. Golic said he's close.

Not that they asked me, but I don't think McNabb's in right now. But a Super Bowl title this season would put him over the edge. Longtime Philly Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann agrees with me, and came up with the following stats:

Troy Aikman…3 SB wins…5 10-win seasons…81.6 QB rating…1.17 TD/Int.

Steve Young…1 SB win…5 10-win seasons…96.8 QB rating…2.17 TD/Int.

Donovan McNabb…0 SB wins…4 10-win seasons…85.9 QB rating…2.16 TD/Int.