Schefter: Oakland in the lead for McNabb

Sources: Oakland Front-Runner For McNabb (0:46)

Sources: Raiders emerge as leading candidate to land Donovan McNabb (0:46)

Even for Philadelphia Eagles fans who've been yearning for the end of the Donovan McNabb era, surely they hoped he'd find a better landing spot than Oakland. But according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter on Monday, the Raiders have become the leading candidate to pull off a trade with the Eagles.

The Associated Press reported last week that Philadelphia wanted a pick in the top 42 in exchange for McNabb. And the Raiders just happen to have the No. 39 overall pick in next month's draft. I'd thought the sticking point in any negotiation with a bad team such as the Raiders or Bills would be whether McNabb was willing to sign a contract extension. But the Raiders are prepared to take on the final year of McNabb's contract (2010) without an extension in place, according to Schefter's report. For a team that doesn't exactly have a wonderful supporting cast, it seems unfathomable to pay McNabb $11.2 million for one season of service.

Schefter points out that Raiders owner Al Davis and McNabb each attended Syracuse and that offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is a distant cousin of the quarterback's. But something tells me that a reunion with Davis and Jackson, while quaint, isn't exactly what McNabb had in mind this offseason.

So what recourse does McNabb have to prevent this trade from going through? Well, he could start by appealing to Andy Reid's sense of decency. After all the NFC title games and the one Super Bowl appearance, surely McNabb deserves better than this.

Or maybe, as Schefter's report suggests, this is all about business. Maybe the Eagles want to execute the trade before someone in the Raiders' organization realizes how ridiculous it sounds. Do they think McNabb will enjoy his experience so much that he'll automatically want to sign a long-term extension following the 2010 season?

Perhaps the Eagles can convince the Raiders to include JaMarcus Russell as a defensive line prospect. Some of us thought the Eagles had painted themselves into a corner regarding a McNabb trade, but it looks like Al Davis is prepared to offer a bailout plan.