Theismann sounds off on Favre

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ASHBURN, Va. -- I was walking toward the media room at Redskins Park a few minutes ago when I bumped into Joe Theismann. Toting a notepad and looking about 10 years younger than his actual age, Theismann was headed toward the coaches offices to prepare for his gig as a TV analyst for the club's preseason games.

About that time, defensive coordinator Greg Blache walked between us. He and Theismann started out together at Notre Dame in the late 1960s. Blache played quarterback for about "three minutes" before moving to the secondary.

Anyway, without much prompting, Theismann fired off some strong opinions on the Brett Favre situation. He thinks Favre would've come off looking a lot better had he filed for reinstatement at least a month earlier. But he doesn't blame him one bit for getting the itch again.

Theismann said that he had escape clauses in his contracts with CBS and ESPN in case a team asked him to make a comeback.

"I could throw the ball until I was 50," said the humble legend. "I just didn't have any power left in my leg."

He also offered to take over PR duties for the Packers, saying the organization had butchered the Favre situation on several levels. He thought it was laughable that the club had hired former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer as a consultant.

"First, they insulted him by telling him he would have to return as a backup," Theismann said. "Then they said he could compete with Aaron [Rodgers]. If that's the case, he would've been playing with the second-string offense while trying to win a quarterback competition. You're putting a $12 million quarterback behind a $12 line."

Theismann boasted that he'd predicted the Favre-to-Tampa Bay scenario six weeks ago.

"That's the best fit for him if he's not going to play for the Packers," Theismann said. "[Jon] Gruden will know exactly what to do with him in that offense."

Jason Taylor also had an interesting take on the Favre story.

"Why couldn't this have happened three months earlier?" said the man who dealt with his own offseason soap opera.