Reaction to Donovan McNabb trade

  • Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid discusses why he decided to trade Donovan McNabb within the NFC East, the difficulty of making the deal and his expectations for Kevin Kolb.

  • Sal Paolantonio shares his thoughts on the McNabb deal. Paolantonio says that McNabb wanted to go to Washington and his decision on a long-term deal will depend on if there is football in 2011.

  • John Clayton explains what the McNabb trade means for the Redskins, Eagles, Kevin Kolb, Jimmy Clausen, Brandon Marshall and more.

  • Brian Seltzer dishes on the factors that influenced the McNabb trade and the impact the move will have on the Eagles' locker room.

  • Adam Schefter explains how the McNabb deal came to be. The Eagles and Redskins had been talking since the beginning of the year about making something happen but neither thought it would take place.

  • Paolantonio says the Eagles trade of McNabb has been two years in the making. The Eagles have shed payroll this offseason and are now also one of the youngest teams in the league.

  • Redskins running back Clinton Portis was "shocked" by the acquisition of his new teammate.