Monday Beastlines: Eagles playoff edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Before we take you around the nation to see what everyone's saying about the NFC Championship Game, let me say one thing: For the people trying to somehow pin Sunday's loss on Donovan McNabb, give me a break. I thought he performed superbly in the second half -- and he put his team in position to win after the defense played horribly in the first half. OK, let's start out with the locals and then hit some of the nationals:

  • Rich Hofmann says this is an all-too-familiar feeling for Eagles fans. He writes, "Two time zones and nearly 2,000 miles away, though, are the loyal green millions. You wonder where they will find the strength to wake up this morning. Because this football team tortured the paying customers for the better part of 6 months this season and then it water-boarded them again yesterday for 60 minutes."

  • Bob Ford of the Inquirer thinks the Eagles' destiny is to lose in huge playoff games. Or maybe the Eagles simply came out flat and were beaten by a better team. Maybe it doesn't have to be all this painful talk about destinies. You either put pressure on Kurt Warner in the first half or you don't. The Eagles didn't -- and they're headed home now.

  • Here's one of the two columns Sam Farmer of the LA Times wrote on deadline last night.