Should Skins move down in first round?

In his latest ESPN Insider columnInsider, Mel Kiper discusses the ripple effect the Donovan McNabb trade will have on the draft. It's amazing how so many teams and players have been affected by the blockbuster move. Here's what Kiper said about the Redskins potentially moving down in the first round:

"The Skins have a choice," writes Kiper. "While it's obvious they need to get a tackle, [Russell] Okung isn't that far ahead of guys like Bryan Bulaga or Anthony Davis as a pure LT. If the Skins can move down and perhaps recoup a third-rounder in the process, that could help them get more out of the draft. (Problem is, the teams just in back of them that could also need O-line help, such as Seattle, Buffalo, Oakland or San Fran, will know this group of LTs just as well. So Washington must hope one of those organizations truly covets a player like Okung.)

I think the Redskins will stay at No. 4 and select Okung. Then they will wait a long time before picking again. And for the record, I think Davis is the offensive tackle who will slip the most in the first round.