Schefter: Skins not shopping Haynesworth

Redskins Not Shopping Haynesworth (1:03)

The Redskins aren't actively shopping starting NT Albert Haynesworth (1:03)

Over the past 24 hours, there have been multiple reports suggesting the Washington Redskins are still attempting to trade defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. But a high-ranking team source has informed ESPN's Adam Schefter that Haynesworth will remain with the club in 2010.

Washington has not explored a trade involving Haynesworth since they offered him to the Eagles on March 31, according to the report. And if the Redskins truly are "committed" to the former All-Pro defensive tackle, there will be some awkward moments at Redskins Park.

Haynesworth was already unhappy about his potential role in Jim Haslett's 3-4 defense. Imagine how he'll react now that he knows Shanahan has attempted to trade him. It's too bad the Eagles weren't interested in Haynesworth. That would've made the rivalry between Philly and Washington even better. And for the record, I still think the Redskins would entertain offers for Haynesworth.

I sat at a breakfast table with Mike Shanahan at the recent owners meeting and heard the tone in his voice when he discussed Haynesworth's decision to skip the offseason conditioning program. He feels like Haynesworth has already defied him in front of the team, and that's part of why he's already tried to trade him at least once.