How does Clausen affect Campbell's status?

In his weekly mailbag Monday, ESPN.com's John Clayton discussed Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell's future. He says that a lot will hinge on what the Bills do at No. 9 overall in the upcoming draft.

The timing of the McNabb deal held back any quick solution for Campbell," writes Clayton. "You can see how this is going to go. Campbell will watch the [Jimmy] Clausen situation closely. If the Bills take Clausen at No. 9, Campbell will likely have to wait until Saturday, April 24, with hopes that the Redskins deal him to the Raiders as part of a draft-day trade.

"The Bills, meanwhile, could factor Campbell's availability into what they do at quarterback. The cost of Campbell won't be more than a lower-round pick, a bargain for a starting quarterback. That could give the Bills the luxury of taking a Colt McCoy or a Tim Tebow and still getting Campbell as a starting quarterback to buy time for their future QB's development."

It's too bad a talented quarterback such as Campbell has to pin his hopes on the Bills and Raiders, but it certainly beats sticking around to be Donovan McNabb's backup. So what would it take to land Campbell in a trade? I think the Bills could probably get it done for a fifth-round pick.

If something's going to happen, I think it will take place on the third day of the draft. Call it a hunch.