Forgetting Brandon Marshall -- in Dallas

I tuned into a Dallas-Fort Worth radio show ("Ben & Skin" on ESPN 103.3) this morning just in time to hear Ben Rogers campaigning for the Cowboys to trade for Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall. I'm sure Dallas could get it done for the No. 27 overall pick or perhaps second- and fourth-round choices.

And Rogers is not alone in his passion for bringing Marshall to Valley Ranch. ESPN's own Adam Schefter endorsed this deal in his weekly Insider mailbag:

Q: Why wouldn't the Dallas Cowboys make a move for Brandon Marshall? He's one of the top receivers in the game, and only 26 years old. If they don't believe in Roy Williams, which it doesn't look like they do, they need that No. 1 receiver next to the very dangerous Miles Austin. They would make the perfect receiver combination. -- Adam (Grand Haven, Mich.)

Schefter: Can't argue with you there, Adam. Marshall would be a great fit in Dallas. My hunch is that by trading so much for Williams, and paying him so much, the Cowboys are leery about doing it again for another wide receiver, especially when they know they have to pay Austin. So there's a lot there to digest. But there could be a huge payoff if the Cowboys decided Marshall were worth their first-round pick.

Beast: I respectfully and humbly disagree with my colleague, Adam Schefter. Should we forget about all the peace and harmony in the locker room that may have contributed to the Cowboys' first playoff win since the Clinton Administration? I fear that Marshall might spice things up a bit too much. And I'm sure Austin would feel right at home as he wonders how a guy who basically saved the Cowboys' season in '09 could be asked to play for less money than Williams and Marshall. There was a time when Jerry Jones would have jumped at the chance to land a young superstar wide receiver for a draft pick or two.

But whether he admits it or not, Jones has come to believe in the idea that locker room chemistry can be an important ingredient to a winning team. He's already made a huge blunder in trading for Williams. At this point, he should probably cut his losses and try to build on last season's success. Did the Colts and Saints make it to the Super Bowl because they had superstar wide receivers? I don't think so. Marques Colston and Reggie Wayne are certainly elite players, but they were also complemented by less heralded receivers. Even former Saints first-round pick Robert Meachem had dropped off the map before kick-starting his career in '09.

Jones tried to pair two "superstars" in '08 with Terrell Owens and Williams. Obviously, he decided that wasn't a good idea. So while a receiving corps that includes Austin and Marshall is certainly intriguing, it's not the best thing for the Cowboys.

Thanks to the boys at ESPNDallas.com for tipping me off to Schefter's take on Marshall.