McNabb wants to stay in Philly

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
In case you missed it Saturday, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan wrote an interesting column on Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. He tried to separate the reality of McNabb's future in Philly from the constant drama that surrounds the quarterback -- some of it self-inflicted.

While making the media rounds in Tampa on Friday, McNabb reiterated that he wants to finish his career with the Eagles. And, yes, he'd like to negotiate a new contract. McNabb has been open to the thought of playing for a different team in the past, but on Friday he sounded like a Philly lifer.

Asked about the constant speculation about his future, McNabb said, "It's tiresome, but you know what? I'd rather people ask me every year than be somewhere else and have people ask me, 'How was it in Philly?' "

McNabb is coming off one of the best seasons of his career. In the span of about two months, he went from having almost zero leverage to having plenty. Now the Eagles should reward him with a new deal. Nothing obscene that will compromise the club's future, but McNabb should be rewarded for taking his team to the NFC title game.

And if McNabb continues to play well in 2009, you get the feeling that the Kevin Kolb era may never get off the ground.