Another note on Hayes

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I don't agree with Peter King's stance against Bob Hayes' Hall of Fame credentials, but I do admire him for being open about his "secret ballot." I know at least one voter who was blackballed for revealing too many details from the voting meeting a couple of years ago, but it's obviously important to King to be transparent. Here's part of his explanation for not voting for Hayes:

"Though I didn't vote for Hayes, I understand his appeal and am happy for his family and for everyone who supported him; there were certainly a lot of passionate people for him," said King in Monday Morning Quarterback. "My opposition centered around the fact I never had it proven to me that he was a singular player in NFL history. Homer Jones has long since been forgotten, but compare his first five significant years to Hayes' first five significant ones (1965-69) and tell me how Hayes is a much better player."

When a player forces defensive coordinators to come up with completely new concepts, I think he qualifies as a "singular" player. But other than looking at his stats, I'm not familiar with Homer Jones' work. I've watched a lot of Hayes highlights over the years and I always saw him running away from defenders.