Berry to Skins talk heats up

As we mentioned earlier, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen have done a superb job of keeping everyone in the dark about the No. 4 pick. For weeks, everyone assumed Oklahoma State left tackle Russell Okung would be the Skins' choice. But in recent days, Oklahoma left tackle Trent Williams has become the favorite of mock draft specialists.

Now, former Tennessee safety Eric Berry, believed to be headed to the Chiefs at No. 5, is starting to get some burn in Washington. Jason Reid of The Washington Post said he thinks there's a "60 percent" chance the Skins will take Berry. But he sort of hedges his bet by saying the Redskins have too many other holes to fill. I think Shanahan and Allen have thoroughly confused everyone, which was probably their intention.

And I love the irony of Vinny Cerrato suggesting the Redskins should select an offensive lineman with the No. 4 pick. I can hear Skins fans yelling a collective, "Then why didn't you do it, Vinny?"

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