Oklahoma's Trent Williams was right pick

Verizon Draft Analysis: Trent Williams (0:58)

Herm Edwards breaks down the Redskins' first-round draft pick Trent Williams (0:58)

We spent the day chasing all kinds of Redskins rumors, but Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen stayed at home and selected a player who could fill the left tackle spot for the next 10 years or so. It was fitting that his predecessor, Chris Samuels, was there to turn in the pick.

Oklahoma's Trent Williams was a better fit for the Redskins than Oklahoma State's left tackle Russell Okung. Williams is an excellent athlete with an huge upside. He's also capable of moving all over the line. Here's what the folks from Scouts Inc. had to say on the positive side:

"One of the toughest offensive linemen we evaluated in this year's class. Lacks elite power but is strong and tough enough to matchup effectively in the phone booth with any defender. Clearly plays with a mean streak. Fights to finish and wants to finish his block by burying the defender. Does a great job of getting helping inside initially and then picking up the oncoming wide defender in slide protection. Works hard to finish and isn't satisfied until he has planted his assigned defender in the turf."

I had the pleasure of flying back from the combine with Williams and Cowboys All-Pro DeMarcus Ware. Williams had no clue who he was sitting next to until Ware finally introduced himself. Now the two will be squaring off for the next five or six years. Sam Bradford will tell you how great Williams was for the Sooners. Just a nasty player who also has outstanding character.

I'm sure a few Redskins fans wanted Eric Berry, but you had to go with the left tackle there.