Tyson Alualu pick surprises Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are shocked by what just happened in the draft. Cal defensive end Tyson Alualu is off the board at No. 10 to the Jaguars. Mel Kiper's generally pretty nice to teams, but he called this one a major "reach." The Cowboys were considering Alualu at No. 27. And some folks at Valley Ranch thought that was a bit high to take Alualu.

The Giants have to be thrilled with that pick. It keeps guys like Derrick Morgan and Dan Williams alive. And by the way, Michigan defensive end Brandon Graham can flat out go. He'd have to be in the mix with the Giants. This Alualu selection has sent ripples through the first round.

I'm absolutely stunned. The 49ers traded up to No. 11 to take Anthony Davis. That's who a lot of us thought the Raiders would take, if they were a normal organization.