Answering your scouting questions

I've spent the past two hours visiting with scouts across the league about their draft classes. If you'd like to ask a specific question to an anonymous scout, just leave it in the "comments" section. I would suggest choosing a rookie from the NFC East and firing away.

I'll ask a few of your questions and then post the answers either today or tomorrow. I'm particularly interested in finding out what scouts thought of the Eagles trading up 11 spots to select Michigan defensive end Brandon Graham. And I'll get some specifics on what scouts liked and disliked about Dez Bryant.

You interested in reading more on Giants defensive tackle Linval Joseph? Well, I'll ask scouts about his strengths and weaknesses. And I'm not going to allow scouts to brag about their own players. That's no fun. I've lined up some AFC scouts to discuss the NFC East rookie class.

Did the Redskins do the right thing in taking Trent Williams over Russell Okung? I'll let you know what the scouts think.