Mort: Westbrook to visit Redskins

Just when you thought Mike Shanahan had cornered the market on the best running backs from the 2006 season, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that former Eagles great Brian Westbrook will visit Redskins Park on Wednesday. Apparently the Skins' new quarterback/scout, Donovan McNabb, has been campaigning on behalf of his old buddy.

As some of you have probably heard, the Redskins already have running backs Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson and Willie Parker on the roster. It's difficult to imagine a four-man rotation, although it certainly would be something to behold. Perhaps this is simply a courtesy call to appease McNabb, who reportedly lobbied for the Skins to sign Terrell Owens earlier this offseason.

If that's the case, it's a pretty revealing statement about how much power McNabb is wielding at Redskins Park. There's also the chance that Shanahan didn't like what he saw from one of his former Pro Bowlers during two recent minicamps and decided he needed backup.

I recall AFC West blogger Bill Williamson telling me how much Shanahan loved veteran players. And now we're seeing that come to fruition in Washington. The Redskins and Eagles have already spiced up their rivalry with the McNabb trade. Signing Westbrook would be icing on the cake.

We'll keep you updated throughout the afternoon. I'm told that Wilbert Montgomery has been spotted in the Ashburn, Va., area this afternoon, but those reports are unconfirmed at this time.