Are Redskins ready for the 3-4?

Each Wednesday, the good folks from Scouts Inc. take a look at some of the most compelling stories of the offseason. This week, Jeremy Green analyzed the Washington Redskins' transition to a 3-4 defensive scheme. Become an Insider today and you can read the entire story. But in case you're not prepared to make that commitment, here's an excerpt from Green's story:

"Outside linebackers Brian Orakpo and Andre Carter both can play standing up. They are explosive players in their first few steps off the line and can get after the quarterback. This defense should give leading tackler London Fletcher a lot more room to roam. This defense is designed to create a lot of pressure off the edges and that will take pressure off the back end of the defense."

I agree that Orakpo will flourish as an outside linebacker but I'm not convinced about Carter and Fletcher. Last week, I talked to Fletcher about making the transition. He's not going to be covered up as much in a 3-4, so I'm not sure how he'll have "a lot more room to roam."