The lone voice of the Cowboys speaks

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

On Saturday morning, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones basically told local reporters that they'd wasted their companies' money coming to Indianapolis because he probably wouldn't have anything to say. Since that conversation, he hasn't shut up.

Jones talked Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and finished up with an hour-long Q&A on Monday. He's also selling season tickets on my blog, but that's another story.

Jones gathered a small group of reporters inside Lucas Oil Stadium and discussed a variety of topics, including Terrell Owens' future and chemistry in the locker room. Longtime beast reader and ESPN "Around The Horn" regular Tim Cowlishaw took on the almost impossible task of interpreting Jones' free-form answers. (Sidenote: In the early '90s, Jones studied under a celebrated public relations consultant. The main thing he learned was to make sure his answers were long enough to eventually wear down the interrogator.)

Dallas Morning News beat man Todd Archer was kind enough to transcribe the entire interview. Here are a few of the highlights:

Why isn't team chemistry a bigger deal to you?

Jerry Jones: I think it's principally because I've experienced locker rooms that look dysfunctional on the face of it and won world championships, OK?

What is this team's top priority?

JJ: I think being as Romo-friendly as our team can be. ... Romo-friendly means let's utilize his skills to the fullest and make sure everything we do maximizes his abilities. ... On defense, I'd like to see turnovers. I'd like to see us get turnovers. I'd put that right behind the quarterbacking -- getting defensive turnovers. Eliminating some turnovers, maybe that ought to go right in there on the offense.

Does Wade Phillips need to be tougher on the players?

JJ: Wade's style, I've seen that win championships. ... But I've seen him bite and bite good. It's a mistake for anybody to think that he won't and doesn't disagree with me.

Why should fans be optimistic about 2009?

JJ: We'll get better quarterbacking. Tony [Romo] is early in his career. I'm not going to say that we're going to have him for 16 games and through the playoffs. We all know the injury factor isn't something you can plan on. We need to do a better job when we don't have him at quarterback. ... I think Tony will be better. When you look at the games he played in, it'd surprise you as to how well he played compared to the year before. He played well in our complete analysis of his year.

Didn't you hint last week that T.O. would be back?

JJ: You got my drift. And that's all I want to say about that.

So why is Jones being so vague on this T.O. topic? I want to hear what you think first. Even you, Samoyed.