Is Plax helping give NYC a bad rep?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
That's what noted children's book author Mike Lupica wrote over the weekend. He says New York has cornered the market in sports with the most pinheads.

"So if we are doing some red-carpet for pinheads these days, [Plaxico] Burress goes in there with A-Rod. And the best part with Burress? Before he even finds out if he can beat a rap like this, and before he even tries to get by with the kinds of apologies that A-Rod has been offering once a week, his agent actually thinks he can start shopping for interest from other teams, at least before the Giants tell him to stop.

"If Burress thinks it will help him get over with the fans, if he thinks it's the best way to protect his money and whatever future he has in the NFL, he will offer some kind of lame apology later. Say he only had the gun because he didn't feel safe. So hire a bodyguard or stay home."