We've had a Pacman sighting

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

On the day we observe the 20th anniversary of Jerry Jones purchasing the Dallas Cowboys, an old friend named Adam "Pacman" Jones showed up in the news. Jones made a quick trip to the NFL combine to let folks across the league know he's still available.

"I'm just working out. Staying in shape. I'm good," Jones told Mac Engel at the Indy airport. "I'm thinking it's going to work out somewhere."

But the most interesting note from Engel's report was that Pacman graded higher at the end of the season than every defensive back except Terence Newman. That's not great news for the Cowboys secondary. You just ran off a guy who actually performed pretty well, although you had to run him off.

Much, much more to come this afternoon. I'm hearing some interesting things on Ray Lewis. Trying to track it down for you.