Mara and Tisch emotional after win

NY/NJ Will Host Super Bowl XLVIII In 2014 (4:23)

NFL Live crew talks about New York-New Jersey hosting Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 (4:23)

IRVING, Texas -- As they were led to a TV podium Tuesday afternoon, Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch both looked emotionally spent. They were quickly asked what the 2014 Super Bowl coming to New York/New Jersey would've meant to their fathers.

"That we've come a long way since the Polo Grounds in 1925 to where we are today," said Mara about his late father, Wellington.

Jets owner Woody Johnson quickly added that he hoped it would snow during the Super Bowl, but Mara interjected, "I'm not sure I agree with that."

This announcement was inevitable because a powerful commissioner was behind the bid all the way. Mara and Tisch expressed thanks to the other owners for looking past the potential of cold weather and focusing on the unique nature of the opportunity. Mara and Tisch also took the opportunity to compliment their rival and partner, Jets owner Woody Johnson.

"We behaved like partners," Mara said of his relationship with Johnson. "We became partners when we decided to make this bid for 2014. We approached it like partners, not adversaries."

But both Mara and Tisch admitted that they were reluctant about making the bid at first. They credited Johnson for leading the way the past four years. It was an odd sight to see the Giants and Jets working together, but that's exactly what needed to happen to land this bid.

Will this knock down the door for other open-air stadiums in cold regions to host the Super Bowl? Well, Dan Snyder certainly hopes so. But I wouldn't count on it. Everyone across the country is waiting to see how this first one goes. We'll have more reaction throughout the afternoon.