Is Brandon Jacobs overrated?



In case you missed it Thursday, CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco is out with his annual overrated/underrated list. Turns out that New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs headlines the "overrated" list.

"Even after 1,000-yard seasons in 2007 and 2008, I thought he was a bit overrated," Prisco writes of Jacobs. "People became enamored with his size since he is huge for a back at 6-feet-4 and 265 pounds. But I think his size hurts him. He doesn't make tacklers miss. If there is no hole, he isn't cutting to find one. He runs straight ahead and upright, not my style of back.

Jacobs gained 3.7 yards per rush last season and wound up with 835 yards. He seemed to tiptoe into the line. His touchdown total dropped from 15 to six. Some of it might have been the result of a knee issue that required scoping after the season, but I think the Giants offense is significantly better when Ahmad Bradshaw, all 5-9 of him, is in the backfield."

Now let's take a peek at the underrated/overrated players for each team in the Beast, according to Prisco:


Overrated: C Andre Gurode. He went to the Pro Bowl last season, but didn't play to that level. He struggled at times, in fact.

Underrated: G Kyle Kosier. He was the Cowboys' best lineman in 2009, outshining Leonard Davis, the team's other guard who went to the Pro Bowl.

My take: I don't think Gurode's the most overrated player on the team, although he is coming off a down season by his standards. Surely Roy Williams has to be the most overrated player based on his paycheck. Kosier's an excellent pick for most underrated. He was arguably the best player on the offensive line last season -- and no one knew it.


Overrated: CB Asante Samuel. He is a gambler who can make a big play, but give up some as well. And he doesn't tackle at all.

Underrated: WR Jason Avant. He is a steady No. 3 receiver who knows how to make plays on third down. He has great hands, rarely dropping a pass.

My take: Both good choices. But Samuel's a game-changer with all the interceptions he makes. Most teams would still love to have him. Avant may be the best third receiver in the league right now. He'd start for a lot of teams.


Overrated: Jacobs. He talks a big game, but he was a disappointment.

Underrated: CB Terrell Thomas. The Giants had injuries at the position and Thomas stepped in and played really well. He should keep his job this season, even with Corey Webster and Aaron Ross healthy again.

My take: Chris Snee is one of the most underrated offensive linemen in the league. But Thomas is a good choice based on his play last season. He was steady while the rest of the secondary faltered. And yes, I'd move him past Webster soon.


Overrated: S LaRon Landry. He really struggled last season as a tackler. He missed a ton of them. He also isn't great in coverage. They missed on this high first-round pick.

Underrated: S Reed Doughty. He played really well last season, and the new coaching staff is said to be high on him. He played better than Landry, that's for sure.

My take: Based on his salary, I think Albert Haynesworth should be ahead of Landry. And I'd go with Andre Carter as my underrated choice.